halibut fish sticks

I ate fish sticksfor breakfast this morning.I know, its unique, but if it makes you feel any better, I didnt pop out of bed with a fish stick craving and make them from scratch. They were leftover from last night and wonderful so I just finished them off.

Three fish stick tips:
1) If youre using frozen halibut which I did, and it was fantastic cut it in to sticks when its still semi-frozen. This makes it less likely to flake apart.
2) Use flour if you dont have panko. Panko is one of the few ingredients I struggle to find where I usually shop and flour worked just fine.
3) Fish sticks are reheatable!I put mine in a dry non-stick pan on medium-low heat for just a couple minutes until they were heated through.
This picture is from last nights more traditional dinner application of fish sticks. I served them with the tangy tartar sauce in the recipe (swapped out most of the mayo for plain yogurt) and wasabi smashed potatoes.