Greenpeace’s Ageing Playbook

Its a little worn around the edges and the pages are a bit yellow but thats no reason to get rid of itright? Especially not when we can be eco-friendly and recycle it over and over and over again. Its the Greenpeace playbook and its activists have cracked it open once again this time in Portugal.

Heres an article on Greenpeace activists invading a supermarket as part of the sustainable seafood campaign there.What struck me about this article wasnt that Greenpeace was up to its old tricksas they will be here in the states soon- but this little section:As is the norm with Greenpeace, the action was prepared in secret and the meeting point with journalists was only given an hour before the action took place. The group of ten activists, joined by photographers and journalists, were quickly identified by supermarket security

Never having been to Portugal Im probably not the best one to opine about this but, manthere must be nothing going on in that country thats news worthy if journalists meet clandestinely with Greenpeace activist in order to cover them disrupting seafood sales at a local grocery store. I can hear the editorial meeting now

Boss, Im headed to the capitol for that hearing on fuel price fixing.

Ill head down to the court house to check on the status of the McCanns request for the release of police files.

And Ill get the exclusive on masked marauding teens handing out fliers about fish in a local market!