Greenpeace bottomed out?

Greenpeace’s credibility has been plummeting for years. Stunts like damaging Peru’s ancient Nazca lines and holding dance parties on multi-million dollar yachts have exposed Greenpeace as an organization that is far from a serious stakeholder in the conservation community. In fact, its track record lead one of Greenpeace’s co-founders to lash out at the group this past summer explaining that, “science and logic no longer held sway. Sensationalism, misinformation and fear is what [Greenpeace] use[s] to promote… campaigns.”

And now, Greenpeace’s own peers in the NGO community are distancing themselves from the already marginalized group. Mark Berman of Earth Island Institute called out Greenpeace over its recent campaign targeting the tuna industry. Putting it bluntly, “I have a problem with Greenpeace. They’re doing the wrong thing.”
For years Greenpeace has refused to join responsible NGO’s working on tuna sustainability and instead has chosen to spend lavishly on plushy costumes and billboards that promote misinformation about the industry… spending no money on any actual tuna sustainability science.

We can’t imagine Mr. Berman is the only NGO director who feels this way about Greenpeace. The more Greenpeace acts like a petulant child and not like a reasonable adult, the more they’ll be treated that way.

Oh… and don’t think Greenpeace’s high dollar donors aren’t getting the message that high seas raves and completely ineffective call-in harassment campaigns are mothballed NGO tactics used by dinosaurs.