Fraud Is Fraud


This time a New Jersey seafood importer is headed to the clink for 22 months for fraudulently importing pangasius and was ordered to pay $64 million in restitution for evading tariffs.

64 million bucks and 22 months in the poky were not talkin Lindsey Lohan time here, folks, were talkin a decent chunk of change and some questionable new roommates.

The Better Seafood Board has been saying for years, whatever you call it; short weight, species substitution, mislabelingits all fraud.

The species really doesnt matter its the scam that gets ya. It could have been tilapia sold as snapper or Pollock sold as Cod or Yellowtail sold as Mahi Mahiany way you slice it its against the law and more and more we are seeing authorities cracking down on this type of thing.