Feng Shui and Fish Faceoff

Sometimes infographics are funny. Sometimes they are enlightening. Sometimes theyre just plain wrong and make the people who promote them look um whats the word ignorant. Right, thats it ignorant.

Case in point, here we have little-known inhabitat.com illustrating exactly how little they do in fact know with an infographic that promotes 35 facts that will make you never want to eat fish again. Problem is the facts are… um not facts and the site is an interior design forum.

Farmed salmon is died pink— not according to CBS news magazine 60 Minutes. Youre choice for hard hitting investigative journalism; 60 Minutes or an infographic from an interior design website.

Farmed salmon has tons of PCBs in itnot according to Harvard researchers who note that seafood broadly, not just farmed salmon, makes up only 9% of the PCBs in the average American diet, while products like vegetables make up 30% (JAMA 2006;296:1885-1899.)

All fisheries will collapse by 2048 not according to the author of the study cited.

If your website cant tell the difference between vegan propaganda and fact based nutrition and sustainability information about seafood, perhaps you shouldnt be posting things about seafood.

Feng Shui and furniture yes.

Fish no.