EWG & MPP Offer Well-Crafted, Nonsensical Rantings for the Record

This week the Environmental Working Group (EWG) and Mercury Policy Project (MMP) continue a tradition of embarrassingly out-of-step public proclamations. The duos latest ramblings expose the groups as not only at odds with a library of independent, published, peer-reviewed nutrition science but as a pair whose zeal for rhetoric over reality now sees them creating public health harm rather than preventing it.

This time EWG and, the little-know but always hyperbolic, MPP is challenging the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committees science-based recommendations on canned tuna. Please keep in mind, this Committee is made up of a group of world renowned experts who collectively hold 13 PhDs, 4 RDs, 3 MDs, 1 Dr. of Public Health, 1 Dr. of Science and a Mastersin Public Health. Despite the fact that this panel includes nutrition epidemiologists, cardiovascular doctors, members of the American Academy of Pediatrics, cancer researchers, fetal/infant development experts and public health specialists— EWG and MPP think they know better. EWG and MPP are made up, by and large, of lawyers and lobbyists.

So as not to totally marginalize themselves the lobbying groups note that;

Research shows omega-3s improve adult health by lowering blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels and by reducing blood pressure. Studies also show children born to women who consume omega-3s during pregnancy have higher IQs and improved nervous system development.

But they oppose the continued encouragement of canned tuna as part of a healthy diet. Their opposition files in the face of an FDA led, decade long analysis of independent, published, peer-reviewed science.

EWG and MPP even claim that the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committees conclusion that the benefits of seafood consumption outweigh the risks of contaminants, including mercury, is new and is a departure from past principles. This claim is not just a misstatement, it isa demonstrablefalsehood. The 2010 Dietary Guidelines said very clearly that the, benefits of consuming seafood far outweigh the risks, even for pregnant women.

So when these two are not just outright lying about existing federal nutrition policy theyre attacking a safe, healthy, affordable protein despite an avalanche of science that says their nonsensical rantings are just that.