Eat This Not That Has Finally Lost All Credibility

Once sort of an interesting site with a quirky take on a few nutrition axioms, Eat This Not That has evolved into a click-bait machine with zero nutritional credibility. Its latest foray into nonsense peddling involves editors apparently telling writer Sarah Crow to find 75 “healthy foods” and do anything you can to them to ensure you’re able to report that they are not healthy.

Wait. What?

Crow reports that Prepared Salmon is unhealthy because it “is regularly coated in toppings that have no place in a healthy meal.” Wait. What? “Toppings” make an incredibly and inherently healthy protein like Salmon an unhealthy food according to Eat This Not That?

Ummmmm… doesn’t that make the toppings unhealthy, not the salmon?

Better avoid those potatoes

That’s like saying baked potatoes are dangerous and potentially deadly… when coated with cyanide. Oh, yeah. Better avoid those potatoes.

Eat This Not That Standards

Come on Eat This Not That you’ve got to have some editorial standards… don’t you?

I guess not.