Eat more (healthful) food


News about Americans eating patterns is often discouraging, but today I learned of a trend I endorse. According to research firm NDP Group, eating better for you foods is starting to trump dieting. So, the focus is on eating whole grain, reduced-sugar, nutrient-rich foods instead of not eating. For example, in 2005, 36 percent of people surveyed said they were trying to get more omega-3 fatty acids in their diets. And the most recent data shows that number increasing to 46 percent.

The dirty little secret about this trend is that when youre eating healthful foods, by default, youre not eating less-healthful foods. This same concept applies to supplements. While there is a time and place for pills, aiming for the whole food version has a double advantage. One, you get the wide range of nutrients found in whole foods. And two, you fill your day with nourishing foods, leaving little room for the less-healthy stuff.

A habit Ive developed is fortifying my meals with foods we all need to eat more of like produce and seafood. Yesterday, for instance, I added pouch tuna to a can of Manhattan clam chowder for lunch. The addition of protein and healthy fat from tuna made for, not only a more nutritious, but a more substantial meal.