Compulsory taco

tilapia taco

This last weekend I was in Dallas/Fort Worth to celebrate my sisters high school graduation and visit my family. In accordance with unwritten law, I ate a taco within 45 minutes of landing on Texas soil. My late night snack was leftover from the dinner my family enjoyed before picking me up at the airport. Apparently my anticipated arrival is a seafood stimulus, because everyone ordered fish. The crispy tilapia taco along with creamy dipping sauce was rich, salty, and not remotely fishy. This is why my mom chose the dish shes a fish beginner, and tilapia is about as mild as finfish gets. If it had been my choice, I would have requested grilled versus fried tilapia tacos, though. Part of it is the health-biased RD in me, but I also think grilled tilapia tacos are fresher tasting. For more ideas about how to prepare low-cost, kid (and my mom)-friendly tilapia, visit the cooking by seafood section.