Can pregnant women eat seafood? Washington Post Knows

Relying on science-based reporting

The Washington Post took a major step that more and more news outlets relying on science-based reporting are taking. They actually looked at the research surrounding fish consumption and pregnancy and reported on it… accurately. The Post proved that answering the question Can pregnant women eat seafood? is not an insurmountable task but a rather simple one– if you simply trust the science.

Click Bait this is not

The article, What to eat — and what to avoid — when you’re expecting, took a very basic and fundamental look at pregnancy and nutrition and applied science, not hyperbole.  In an age of fake news and click bait this is a novel concept but one that produces striking results.

Can pregnant women eat seafood? Answered

The Post reports without equivocation or hesitation that mothers should “ignore any claims that you cannot eat fish while pregnant; those omega-3 fats in fish are priceless for brain development.” While reminding moms-to-be that knowledgeable advice is; “your baby’s brain is made of fish, so it’s important to eat plenty of seafood at the end.”

Misreporting equals malpractice

Years of misreporting on what the science really says has put American kids at a developmental disadvantage as their mothers mistakenly avoided seafood. This at the same time a new published peer-reviewed study reveals how “diets low” in fish and other key nutritional pillars contribute to one in five deaths.