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    (Part II) NBC Nightly News Airs Seafood Sustainability Scare-Story

    First credit where credit is do-- NBC Nightly News Executive producer Alexandra Wallace personally responded to our concerns about Anne Thompsons report on seafood and the oceans. However, she skirte...

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    Setting the Record Straight On Tuna Scare Story

    Last week the Daily Californian published what can only be described as a poorly researched tuna scare story. The report came complete with suggestions that an out-of-date, eco-activist study about me...

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    NBC Nightly News Airs Seafood Sustainability Scare-Story

    Last night NBC News chief environmental affairs correspondent Anne Thompson aired a story titled Sea Change-- Seafood Choices Key to Saving Troubled Waters. Unfortunately it was a one-sided diatribe a...

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    Turkish Fishermen Face Off Against Greenpeace

    Let me start by saying I don't endorse violent confrontations as a means of protest in any way shape or form and neither does NFI... but in playing the victim after a confrontation at sea Greenpeace h...

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    Facts on Fish and Fatty Acids

    Check out this article from Readers Digest its called Get Hooked on Fish. Its actually an excerpt from a book called Cut Your Cholesterol it does a pretty good job of outlining the benefits of eating ...

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    NFI Media Blog

    When half-truths, misstatements and flat out errors about seafood make their way into the press, youre likely to read about it here. When a new study in the world of seafood science is making waves wi...

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