Attention News Media- Alarmist 2048 Statistic is Dead

In 2006 marine ecologist Boris Worm of Dalhousie University suggested that the oceans would be empty of fish by 2048. His prediction made for good sound bite science and the media ran with it. The problem is his prediction was wrong. And now he’s admitted as much.

A brand new study published in the journal Science today finds Worm saying he plans to be “hosting a seafood party” in 2048 instead of mourning the loss of all marine ecosystems.

Alarmist media outlets that don’t do sufficient research but love a splashy headline and irresponsible activist groups that know good ole’ crisis raises good ole’ cash are on notice. Your one-time patron saint of sensationalism now says, “our oceans are not a lost cause.”

NFI looks forward to mainstream news outlets, like NBC Nightly News, reporting on this about-face after having perpetuated the statistic for so long. The Peacock Network even wrote to NFI on April 23 of this year to tell us it thought its continued reporting of the 2048 statistic was, an “accurate representation of fisheries and fisheries science.” This, despite the fact that NFI had provided examples where scientists from academia, the government and even environmentalists had acknowledged the statistic was erroneous.

Maybe NBC will report on today headlines like ones from South Cost Today; Seafood extinction fears unfounded, study finds, the Journal Science Press Release; New hope for fisheries, Associated Press; Fish For Dinner- Overfishing easing in some areas,even the New York Times; Having Fish and Eating It Too.

RIP 2048 Statistic.