An Accurate Tilapia Tale

Tilapia has a storied history as a healthy, affordable whitefish that has grown exponentially in popularity in recent years. But with its meteoric rise has come a torrent of misinformation. Even for an unassuming seafood staple the axiom; heavy is the head that wears the crown, holds true.

Today’s edition of The Bulletin features an interesting look at the nutritional profile of Tilapia and the distortions that so often accompany reporting on the fish. Here is a case where a reporter actually probed the hyperbole so often printed about Tilapia and came up with a much different and more accurate perspective.

The expose’ finds:

  • Nutritionists are frustrated by the lingering negative opinion of Tilapia.
  • Experts find, “It’s a very nutritious fish.”
  • The nutritional comparison of Tilapia to bacon is derided as “ridiculous.”
  • Healthcare providers say dietary misinformation about Tilapia is “scare-mongering of the worst sort.”

In addition to debunking some of the more absurd claims about Tilapia, the story helps examine healthy fats and even aquaculture. It’s worth a read.