Better Seafood Board

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Members of the National Fisheries Institute (NFI) have taken a pledge to stamp out economic fraud in the seafood industry.

The Better Seafood Board (BSB) was formed in 2007 to support the commitment of NFI members to abide by industry principles of economic integrity by not selling seafood that is short in weight or count, that has the wrong name, or that has been transshipped from one country to another to circumvent duties and tariffs.

The BSB, an organization governed independently from NFI, provides the mechanism for industry’s partners in the supply chain – restaurants, retail operations, further manufacturers – to report suppliers committing economic fraud. Seafood buyers who have unresolved issues with their suppliers for selling short weight or otherwise mislabeled products are encouraged to contact the BSB call center at 1-866-956-4BSB (or 1-866-956-4272) to document these issues.

Suppliers who cheat customers cheat the entire industry. Suppliers, restaurants and retailers who follow the rules often get penalized in the marketplace. Fair and lawful business practices are essential for ensuring consumer confidence in seafood the entire supply chain is responsible for maintaining this confidence.



BSB Best Practice Guidance for Addressing Seafood Fraud – November 2017