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Meal Planner

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Statement on Senate Passage of USDA Catfish Inspection Repeal

WASHINGTON, DC June 20, 2012 — Common sense has prevailed in the Senate. A vote to repeal the duplicative USDA catfish inspection program signals a return to fiscal sanity at a time when controls on wasteful government spending are much needed.  The voice vote passage of the amendment illustrates the Senate’s strong desire to fix this problem. 

The bipartisan effort to repeal the program, with supporters from every corner of the country, took into account not only the agricultural trade implications raised by this program but the waste associated with a regulatory approach that sought to spend millions without actually improving food safety.

The House now has the chance to show its chops by doing away with a program that is universally opposed by budget conscious legislators, leaders interested in promoting American farm exports, and Members of Congress committed to reducing duplicative regulations on U.S. businesses.


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