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Food Safety Bill Moves FDA in the Right Direction

March 3, 2009 Washington –A review of the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act of 2009 by the National Fisheries Institute (NFI) finds a bipartisan endeavor that appears committed to progressive thinking on food safety matters.

“The bill updates and improves earlier food safety efforts without unnecessary restrictions and wasteful redundancies,” said NFI President John Connelly.

A coalition of legislators led by Senator Richard Durbin (D-IL) introduced the bill today as part of an effort to amend the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act with
respect to the safety of the food supply.

“Forward thinking has recognized that as a country we can’t just inspect our way to perfect food safety and we can’t simply legislate our way there either,” said Connelly. “This bill recognizes the hard work the FDA has done and continues to do and the need to provide incentives for members of the seafood community who are dedicated to maintaining the integrity of the food we all enjoy today.” 

Food safety advocates believe the cornerstone of a successful food safety program is a strong FDA.

“A bill like this one highlights the need for enhanced support of the FDA,” according to Connelly. “We would like to see funding for the Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition reach $725 million by 2010. Those funds could be used to hire more personnel and update some of the Center’s technology.”

NFI supports FDA development of a preventative approach that stops problems at their source, rather than at U.S. borders

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