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Meal Planner

Don't forget the fish! Make a weekly meal plan and grocery list using this printable planner before hitting the supermarket. Find four of our favorite new seafood recipes here.

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  • In 2012, well known radio and TV host Howard Stern announced he had become a pescetarian. Fish became the outspoken personality’s primary source of protein as he embarked on a new and healthier lifestyle.

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  • July 2, 2015

    Ms. Shanelle Rein-Olowokere

    Senior Web Editor

    Good Housekeeping Online


    Dear Ms. Rein-Olowokere,

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  • An erroneous article about tuna in this week’s Daily Mail is an embarrassing illustration of lazy journalism that goes beyond factual errors and enters the realm of unethical. Author Tom Wyke demonstrates how lazy reporting, paired with zero editorial oversight, can trick readers into viewing an outdated and fundamentally inaccurate story.

    How does Mr. Wyke do it?

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  • This week the Environmental Working Group (EWG) and its puppet the Mercury Policy Project (MPP) are out with a misguided release that, not surprisingly, flies in the face of the latest science on seafood and mercury as well as… common sense.

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  • Paul Geenberg tells his readers he’s been trying to come up with a “seafood three-liner that would be as concise, elegant and free from exceptions” as the one writer Michael Pollan came up with when he penned; “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants” (Three Simple Rules for Eating Seafood, Sunday Review 06/14/15.)

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  • Actor Adrian Grenier is under the impression that he shouldn’t eat shrimp based on something someone once told him about bycatch.

    Quick update for Adrian and other Entourage fans. The vast majority of shrimp eaten in the U.S. is farm raised. That means there is no bycatch… ‘cause… um… it comes from a farm.

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  • June 3, 2015

    Sue Lohman

    Managing Editor

    MSN Health & Fitness

    VIA Email

    Dear Ms. Lohman,

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  • Dear Mr. McGrory:

    I write to take issue with a piece by Lisa Zwirn on seafood sustainability [How ocean-friendly is your canned tuna?; 5/26] which contains a number of serious journalism flaws and omissions.  Here are the specifics:

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  • Consumer Reports is back at it with another error-ridden, alarmist take on tuna and health. We had some fun last time pointing out the absurdity of much of the magazine's nutrition-based recommendations (see below), but the underlying reality is no laughing matter. Anti-science fear-mongering like this contributes to a very real, ongoing public-health crisis: falling seafood consumption among expectant moms and their kids, the very groups who need it most.

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  • Today we read that a group of doctors is petitioning Columbia University to remove Doctor Mehmet Oz from his faculty position because of his "egregious lack of integrity.”

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