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Once Again Greenpeace Ignores the Facts

Greenpeace has reached a new low.

This time in the face of well-researched science and independent government assessments that say "Alaska pollock population levels are high, and no overfishing is occurring" the extremist group has chosen to air TV ads in Seattle and Anchorage disparaging Alaska pollock.

When National Marine Fisheries Service scientists were asked point blank if there was any overfishing of Alaska Pollock indicated by any of its research, the response was:

"Not by any measure for this upcoming season."

But facts are clearly not enough for Greenpeace. In the midst of a recession this well healed eco-has been is now spending money on TV ads that distort ground truth science and mock Alaska's fishing community by relegating hard working fishermen and women to a cartoonish caricature. But you know what they say; you've got to spend money to make money and that may be just what Greenpeace is doing.

Remember back in October Greenpeace launched an effort to raise money by creating an Alaska pollock scare story but were stymied by the facts. This appears to be yet another attempt at misguided fundraising from an organization that has never let details stand in its way... like that little detail that showed up in its seafood "red lists." The "red list" in the United States includes Alaska pollock but the "red list" in Canada doesn't, strange how a single species is sustainable on one dinner table but not on another according to the same group.

Mocking hardworking fishermen and distorting facts-- a new low. (But there's always a second act for Greenpeace, I'm sure it will be around for round two in its perennial game of ethical limbo.)


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