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Greenpeace… again with the rankings

A one trick pony is just what it sounds like (at least here in the U.S.) It does the same thing over and over again, never changing and progressively failing to impress. A more colorful saying exists, about it being the same stuff but a different day, that I think I will avoid as a matter of couth.

However, as a matter of apparent strategic compulsion Greenpeace is now taking its one trick pony north of the border and updating its seafood sustainability retailer rankings there. Last time around all retailers failed-- just like when Greenpeace rank U.S. retailers. Now Greenpeace claims to have “improvement” to coo about so they can promote all the “progress” they’re seeing—just like when Greenpeace rank U.S. retailers.

Crystal ball time-- later they’ll re-rank U.S. retailers (again) and there will be more improvement that they’ll take credit for despite the fact that stores are not working with them.

That pony must be tired.

And this on the heels of the latest Greenpeace embarrassment in which it announced one of the world's largest shipping companies was refusing to transport certain species of commercial fish, alluding to the idea that the apparent switch in policy was due to the fact that “Greenpeace has been pressuring” companies to make the change. Greenpeace went so far as to laud the company asking “how great is that?” and calling the group a “welcome addition to a small but growing movement.”

Problem is Greenpeace’s announcement was, like so many of their campaigns, a distortion designed to take credit for something that it had nothing to do with and wasn’t even happening in the first place.

In an interview the shipping company’s head of global seafood said the claims were overstated and that the company had “embarked upon a seafood sustainability platform long before [it] met and discussed same with Greenpeace.”


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