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Meal Planner

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Celebs vs. Doctors: Nutrition Edition

Doctors have long known that fish is an essential part of a healthy diet and leading nutritionists have warned that Americans aren't eating enough of it. That's because eating fish can help prevent heart attacks and strokes, it helps with cognition, and it contains vital Omega-3s.  But what are medical degrees, PhD's, and decades of experience compared to the incandescent intellect of a Hollywood celebrity?  


Stars like Naomi Campbell, Megan Fox, and Kim Kardashian have been speaking their mind on seafood and they aren't going to let barriers like facts, science, and common sense hold them back. Here is where some science journalists could step in and apply some real scrutiny.  Notice in the clip when Jeremy Piven is challenged with some basic questions by Diane Sawyer of ABC News, he has nothing to offer but a flashy smile.  We are confident that Americans are smart enough to know goofball advice from celebrities when they hear it.  But here's hoping that other journalists that cover science and nutrition can step in when celebrities start acting like doctors -- off the screen. 


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