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  • Like an early Christmas present Greenpeace has announced it will release its revised retailer rankings on December 9th.  And it says there's "more good news to report this time around." Well of course there is. Greenpeace tried the doom-n-gloom approach with its last retailer ranking list and that went over like a lead balloon, so now it's back with a much sunnier disposition. But let's not be fool. Greenpeace will merely use this re-launch of its failed summer campaign to take credit for things it had no role in.

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  • You might remember about a month ago Reuters published a poorly sourced article filled with inaccuracies about Alaska pollock that was based on an erroneous Greenpeace press release.  Of course we called Reuters on this issue and as it turns out so did the At-Sea Processors Association and the Genuine Alaska Pollock producers. Objectivity and accuracy in reporting about seafood is a concern shared by the entire seafood community.

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  • The Bluefin tuna stock in the Mediterranean is not in good shape and those responsible for managing it have done a poor job. The Bluefin is a majestic fish that is the gold standard for sushi in Japan and its sustainability story is currently a sad one. Something needs to be done.

    But is that something dumping five tons of fish heads in front of the agriculture ministry building in Paris? Well... Greenpeace thinks so.

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  • The environmental lobbying group Oceana has unfortunately turned to misinformation in an attempt to distract from the fact that responsible food communicators and registered dietitians have produced a well-researched piece of nutrition communication on pregnancy and seafood. Oceana's efforts are designed to decrease fish consumption and not improve public health. The science-based pregnancy and seafood flyer is an effort to get the latest ground truth science, including FDA advice as well as conclusions from more recently published independent studies, into the hands of targeted consumers.

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  • According to the Today Show and Health Magazine Publix grocery stores are among the top ten healthiest in the country.

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  • Last week Carrie Taylor, a registered dietitian, wrote a column in The Republican where she set out to help parents who are “completely confused” when it comes to feeding their kids seafood.

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  • A quick review of the Safe Harbor Certified Seafood Web site reveals an attack on canned tuna that employs overt exaggeration and misinformation.

    It begs the question-how low is Safe Harbor willing to go to push its product? It's a product that is marketed as one designed to help protect consumers, but is apparently being promoted with half truths and innuendo rather than ground truth science and fact.

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  • Yesterday they were defacing Canadian grocery stores and today they're bragging about it on the internet. Well, someone from Greenpeace is bragging about it-- the poor misguided foot soldiers who were arrested for their role in the ineffective and dangerous stunt aren't so much bragging as they are testifying. Yea, for them it's not so much a celebration today as it is a deposition.

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  • Here's one you may have missed from the Earth Times. It would appear that The Environmental Defense Fund isn't just in the business of offering consumers wallet-sized seafood sustainability guides but it's also in the business of offering politicians money to testify during hearings.

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  • Surprising, no... unfortunate, yes. We've been warning for months that Greenpeace was prepared to move from activism to vandalism in an effort to gain media attention for its failed retailer rankings campaign and today it has.

    This morning 8 grocery stores in Toronto found themselves festooned with "crime scene" tape and posters that attacked their sustainability practices because they refused to abide by Greenpeace's arbitrary demands to remove certain fish from sale.

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