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  • Is that true?

    No. Of course it’s not. But why would we let facts get in the way of a good story? Rodale News doesn’t. The news outlet (and I use that term generously) has published another missive railing against seafood and it starts with a huge factual inaccuracy.

    I’ve got to hand it to Rodale, if you’re going to simply make up part of your narrative you might as well lead with it.  In her first sentence Leah Zerbe writes “To combat filthy conditions, the U.S. government is going to require irradiation of certain seafood favorites.”

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  • In her article, “Sorting Out the Risks of Fish,” Roni Rabin does some sorting out alright – sorting out of the vast majority of seafood science including several studies provided to her in advance of her story.  She cites – and misrepresents in part – three studies, while ignoring larger, more recent science to support her claim that “new studies [suggest] that mercury may cause subtle adverse effects at levels lower than those now considered safe by the Environmental Protection Agency, even as they reaffirm the cognitive benefits to children whose mothers ate f

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  • February 26, 2014

    Alex Crees
    Health Editor
    Fox News Online
    1211 Avenue of the Americas, 2nd Floor
    New York, NY 10036

    Dear Ms. Crees,

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  • This isn’t the first time we’ve suggested Dr. Oz use NFI as a resource to avoid embarrassingly out of touch segments like his latest on Fukushima and Fish:

    February 12, 2014

    Ms. C. Denise Beaudoin

    Legal Counsel

    ZoCo Productions, LLC

    30 Rockefeller Plaza

    43rd Floor

    New York, NY 10012

    Dear Ms. Beaudoin,

    The National Fisheries Institute finds Dr. Oz’s most recent coverage of the aftermath from the Fukushima earthquake and subsequent nuclear accident sensational, unnecessarily alarming and a disservice to his viewers.

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  • For many, Consumer Reports is synonymous with cars and electronics but when it comes to reporting on nutrition and fish it’s usually misreporting and manipulation. Here’s their latest blunder.

    February 4, 2014

    Sue Byrne

    Senior Editor, Health, at Consumer Reports


    Dear Ms. Byrne,

    I am writing about an egregious manipulation of the facts about canned tuna in a recent direct mail piece for Consumer Reports onHealth newsletter. 

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  • January 10, 2014

    Dear Ms. Harris,

    I was surprised and disappointed by the section regarding fish in your article “How Much Is Too Much” in the January, 2014 issue of Real Simple. While author Sarah Copeland sets out to provide health benefits for your readers, her piece on fish creates more myths than it resolves misleading your readers in several ways.

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  • December 19, 2013

    The Top Information Post
    Digital News Aggregation,


    Dear Managing Editor,

    I am writing to address editorial concerns about the alarmist and misleading Top Info Post article, “Fukushima is here: ‘ALL Bluefin Tuna Caught In California Are Radioactive.”

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  • It hasn’t been a good run for the venerable news magazine 60 Minutes lately.  You may have seen recently where a high profile correspondent and her producer were put on leave after botching an equally high profile story. And then of course there’s the journalistic train wreck that famously cost Dan Rather and four others their jobs, also a 60 Minutes report.

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  • November 20, 2013

    Phat Chiem
    Deputy Editor
    Yahoo! News

    Dear Mr. Chiem,

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  • November 19, 2013
    Ryan Wallace
    Senior Editor
    Yahoo! Health

    Dear Mr. Wallace,

    I am writing to express concern over an article featured on your website titled 5 Reasons To Never Eat Shrimp Again. The article contains misleading statements about shrimp that does a fundamental disservice to Yahoo! Health readers. The author, Leah Zerbe, has been challenged in the past for writing inflammatory and skewed articles about seafood in the past that push a hidden agenda.

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  • 2014 Spring Political Conference
    NFI's Annual Spring Political Conference will be held on May 12-15, 2014 at the St. Regis Washington Hotel. The conference room rate is $385 plus tax. To reserve your sleeping room for the conference, call 1-888-627-8087 and mention National Fisheries Institute to receive the negotiated rate.