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    Mercury In Tuna Study Needs Some Perspective

    There are a number of new reports out about a study on mercury in tuna that are in desperate need of some accurate, scientific perspective. Headlines about the new study say things like; “Mercury Le...

  • Health Blog

    Salmon: Correcting the Record

    It wasn’t that long ago Dr. Sanjay Gupta told audiences that farmed salmon was “injected” with dye. He later devoted an extraordinary amount of time and research into an expose for 60 Minutes ab...

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    Tilapia: Eat Facts, Not Fiction

    We'd love to be a fly-on-the-wall in Eat This, Not That!'s newsroom to understand how an article that perpetuates a tilapia myth discredited almost a decade ago can still make it through the editori...

  • Advocacy Blog

    Wall Street Journal Highlights Seafood In Border Adjustment Tax Article

    Fish Importer Casts Worry Over Border-Adjusted Tax Companies that rely on raw materials not easily replicated at home could be hard-hit By Richard Rubin and Heather Haddon Feb. 28, 2017 BENS...

  • Trade & Commerce Blog

    Daily Meal Editor Dan Myers Fails Seafood 101

    The Daily Meal's posting on fish has those in the seafood community, who know far more than editor Dan Myers, giving him a "F" on his latest click bait column. Please find NFI's letter on the topic be...

  • Consumer Protection Blog

    Fraud: California Crackdown on Menu Mislabeling

    According to the SF Gate an “upscale restaurant” called Odeum in Morgan Hill, Santa Clara County was passing off tilapia as petrale sole for more than a year; fish fraud. After an investigation by...

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    Editorial Review for Livestrong Seafood List

    You’d think an organization like Livestrong would be careful about making sure everything they put on their site was accurate, honest and trustworthy. When it comes to the group’s latest posting, ...

  • Sustainability Blog

    Greenpeace: Trailblazer in Fake-News

    The press may have taken a sudden interest in “fake news” organizations—which per Wikipedia “deliberately publish hoaxes, propaganda, and disinformation to drive web traffic inflamed by...

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    MSN Lifestyle Article Cans Up Some Alternative Facts

    MSN Lifestyle reporter Jessica Suss appears to be caught up in the new alternative facts movement. Her latest article on canned tuna claims in the headline that Research Suggests Canned Tuna Might Not...

  • Fraud Blog

    Mislabeling Study Continues Trend of Headlines but Not Headway

    A recent study from researchers at UCLA and Loyola Marymount University checked the DNA of fish ordered at 26 L.A. sushi restaurants over four years and found that 47% of the sushi was mislabeled. ...

  • Health News Item

    Parasite Perspective

    A new article on CNN.com takes a slightly hyperbolic look at a type of tapeworm and where it might possibly be found. The hand wringing and cringe worthy details of a new study focus on uncooked salmo...

  • Fraud Blog

    Illegaler is not a word

    Lawmakers in New York state have passed a new law aimed at ensuring consumers know what they're buying when they purchase fish labeled "white tuna." The regulation requires any fish sold in a restaura...

  • Consumer Protection Blog

    Red Thai Curry with Salmon and Vegetables

    This is the sort of dinner that will make you look like a real pro in the kitchen, yet no one needs to know how easy it is to prepare. The combination of red curry paste and coconut milk is a magi...

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    NFI’s 2017 Annual Chowder Party

    Kick-off the 2017 Seafood Expo North America Show with old friends and new. Join us to celebrate NFI's Annual Chowder Party to be held on Saturday, March 18th, at the beautiful Westin Boston Waterfron...

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    Focus on the Facts When it Comes to Fukushima

    The latest reports from Oregon say “for the first time, seaborne radiation from Japan’s Fukushima nuclear” accident has reached the West Coast.  More importantly, the same articles report that ...

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