Kwon And Hightower Team Up For More Mercury Misinformation (Part II)

The folks at KPIX have yet to respond to my missive from last week. So, I sent them another email just to make sure there isn’t a technical problem that I don’t know about. A technical snafu would be easier explained than management of a local TV station that happens to be owned and operated by the CBS network ignoring a viewer’s concerns about its reporting.

Still waiting.

March 10, 2009

Dan Rosenheim

News Director


855 Battery St

San Francisco, CA 94111

VIA Email

Dear Mr. Rosenheim,

I am writing in an attempt to confirm receipt of my letter of concern dated March 6, 2009. I contacted you in order to draw your attention to issues found in reporter Sue Kwon’s march 5th package on mercury in canned tuna.

In case you did not receive my original letter please find a copy of it attached.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Gavin Gibbons

National Fisheries Institute

cc: Ronald Longinotti

President and General Manager

Lisa White

Assistant News Director