Meal Planner

Meal Planner

Don't forget the fish! Make a weekly meal plan and grocery list using this printable planner before hitting the supermarket. Find four of our favorite new seafood recipes here.



Moist, succulent, slightly meaty texture; a cross between snapper and grouper Slightly sweet and buttery flavor Raw: pinkish grey colored, Cooked: white colored Known as Asian sea bass in some parts of the world

Alaska Pollock

Moist texture with a tender flake Mild, slightly sweet taste Raw: white colored with slight pink hue; Cooked: snow white colored Commonly sold as breaded fish sticks


Flaky Adopts the flavor characteristics of what they eat; Mild, slightly sweet flavor Raw: white to pinkish colored; Cooked: white colored

Arctic Char

Moist, buttery texture Delicate, savory, sweet, earthy flavor Black, silver, and white skin; Raw: bright glistening orangey peach colored; Cooked: light orangey peach colored Similar to farm-raised salmon, delicate

Striped bass

Subtly chewy texture, moist Nutty flavor Black, white, and opal skin; Raw: grayish pink colored; Cooked: pinkish white colored


Moist Mild, but distinct slightly sweet taste White and gray skin; Raw: creamy orange colored; Cooked: bright white colored


Medium-sized flakes Subtly starchy flavor Raw: light pink colored; Cooked: white colored Open to various cooking methods and sauces


Chewy texture Earthy-sea flavor, similar to clams Bluish black or green shell with orange or cream colored meat


Lean and moist Roast chicken-y flavor Pink, peach, and white dotted shiny skin with pinkish white meat; Raw: pinkish white colored; Cooked: white colored


Buttery and moist texture Rich, vegetable-y flavor Peach, pink and silver skin; Raw: pinkish orange white colored; Cooked: paler pinkish orange white colored Thin skin is edible and tastes like potato skin


  • 2016 Global Seafood Market Conference
    Register now open for the 2016 Global Seafood Market Conference. The conference will provide the industry with information on the economic, social and demographic trends and changes that will affect international seafood markets.